Equipment, supplies and building materials are an important part of the project of construction and operation of a building, which is very important to provide high quality equipment, first-hand price and ease of process.
In the production of many construction materials, Iran has significant rankings, if this happens, it is the result of the handshake of all actors, which has led to significant growth in this industry. Standardization of equipment, having quality and technical certificates, reasonable price are among the conditions that have made the supply of construction equipment and its export profitable, and we have something to say in competition with manufacturers in other countries.

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Latest products added:

لوله برق

Power Pipe


Polymer Tube


Refractory brick


Bituminous waterproofing

پشم شیشه عایق

Insulated fiberglass

پنجره دو جداره

Double glazed window



درب ضد سرقت

Anti-theft door

ساندویچ پنل

Sandwich Panel

سقف دامپا

False Ceiling

سیم و کابل

Wires and Cables


Kitchen faucet

فلاش تانک

Flush Tank


Sanitary ware