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Incoterms 2020 CIF: Spotlight on Cost, Insurance and Freight
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Marketing Program
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Strategic marketing is the key to success and finding the best position to differentiate a company. It is necessary for the company to define its target accurately and make a valuable distinction in its services and products that make it difficult for competitors to imitate the services and products.

In the past, high quality and good service were the key to success in competitive arenas; Because many companies lacked these features. But today, quality and service are becoming commonplace. Companies that lack high quality and good services fail, but do not necessarily succeed with these characteristics.

In fact, every company is expected to have these characteristics. Companies need to learn to compete with newer methods, including the ability to produce and deliver goods faster, the ability to succeed through product and style design and branding, the ability to improve products with better benefits, and the ability to build long-term customer relationships. Be profitable.

Here are six types of companies whose marketing strategies have been successful:

Companies that have developed a new way to reduce the cost and price of some goods and services; Such as IKA, Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Dollar General and Aldiz.
Companies that have significantly increased quality; Like Sony, Toyota, Intel and Starbucks.
Companies that have shown social conscience; Like Body Shop, Ben & Jerris, Evan and Kraft.
Companies that have greatly improved the overall customer experience; Like Harley-Davidson and Starbucks.
Companies that have developed a new business model; Like Baroness & Noble, Charles Schwab and FedEx.
Companies that have explored and dominated the margins of the market; Like Progressive Engineering and Tetra.

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