The Enabling Trade Index is an indicator that can be effective in adopting or modifying foreign trade development strategies. This index is a measure of the extent to which economies have been able to develop their institutions, policies, and services to facilitate the free flow of goods to their final destinations. The Business Empowerment Index considers all "trade facilitator" measures. According to the definition of the World Trade Organization, the simplification and coordination of international trade procedures is called trade facilitation, which includes activities and procedures for collecting, presenting, transmitting and processing the data required for the movement of goods in international trade. Based on this index, the set of factors related to trade facilitation are classified into four main sub-indices. These sub-categories include "market access", "border arrangements", "infrastructure" and "operating environment".
Based on studies and experiences, most small and medium-sized producers, despite having a good industrial, production and service history, can not get a significant and stable share of target and export markets. Typically, these small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are often easily sidelined from the competition and eventually eliminated in the face of other competitors. The main reason for this is the weakness of the overseas structures of these companies.
Empowerment is a comprehensive program for these producers that with careful study and implementation can prepare the executive structure and manpower of the manufacturing industry for growth and expansion.
In the Business Empowerment program, human resources training, review of trade and export structures, management of business events, troubleshooting, improvement and revitalization of administrative structures, analysis and monitoring of the activities of the export department of the applicant company are provided. Help these cases of the company's production / export process to lead to further growth and prosperity.
Reviewing and compiling a business empowerment program, including the services of Ayande Aseman Dena Export Management Company , with Request for cooperation We are ready to provide this service to companies and manufacturing industries in order to improve their trade and export level.